Hi! I’m Jamie, your hostess in Spain

An expat having been here since 2003. Don’t ask how I got here or why, its a long boring story….

But what’s important is that I’m here, yes, I live here, and so does my man, a big man who looks a little like his Viking ancestors, and whom I’m not afraid to sic on unruly guests.

How it started….

A little over two years ago, things fell apart for me professionally and my Viking thought that my natural talent as a hostess in my home could be pushed into something professionally.

As he is usually is, the Viking was right….

And so, I began. I started to manage a flat for a friend in our amazing city, the most beautiful city in Spain, but at this moment, we won’t name it. You’ll figure it out as we go along…

One thing led to another, and as of writing this intro, I manage seven flats, two of my own. Most of these change every 2 to 4 days, times seven, means we meet and greet and clean over 28 times a week. It’s not just me now, but a few assitants who like greeting people, a couple of others who fight the dust bunnies and get mortified over how much people drink in a weekend, and one or two more warriors who listen to me moan and groan.

I put a few bits and bobs of my experiences on the good ol’ Facebook, and people started to laugh and write me back and last Sunday someone confessed he was a closet fan and told me to do this. So, my dear Migue, thanks to you this is born.

Tales from the Crypt is a horrible old 80s tv show that was supposed to be horror and ended up being laughable and silly. My blog follows in its footsteps, because it tells the horror of all horror tales that it is to be a host in the world of online flats and houses to rent.

I grew up reading Dave Barry, and sometimes my dad and I would laugh so hard we’d cry every Sunday afternoon. I hope somehow I can do the same, make Dave Barry, but mostly my Dad, the Viking, and the scores of guests who provide endless fodder, proud to be part of my story.

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