Learning to stand up…

This was just this last weekend. After two weeks of Christmas guests, including the one that snuck out after my heat broke and just barely told me, this one was the last straw. I summoned up all courage, and stood up. And you know, it felt good.

Dedicated to a fan. You know who you are…

Guest: Good morning. We can’t find the blankets, or pillows, your tv does not work and your Airbnb isn’t very good.

Me: hi..did you look under the bed as I wrote you yesterday? You should find all the extra linens.Also, sorry about the TV. I will have to check that during the week.

Guest :we did. Not there.

Me:I am sorry. I put them there. They are there.

Guest:why do you only have one key for guests?

Me. Because everyone loses when I have more than one. One works.

Guest:but your TV doesnt work

Summoning up all of the Ukrainian gumption from my gene pool (Gramma SOEN would have been proud)

Me:Ma’am you have paid 11 euros per person per night for your own small apartment. I have. Working TV (before you came) lots of blankets and pillows and a key. If you aren’t happy, check out and I will refund you the 44 euros.


Later…. Me:I am bringing you more blankets.

Guest:don’t bother…we don’t need them. Translation.. We found your blankets.

Moral of story. Don’t complain….just look for the blanket. And really, you came to the most beautiful city in Spain to watch youtube on my TV???

Thanks fan, hope you liked it.

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